Business Intelligence

Software that summarizes your business's performance

Business Suite Business Intelligence integrates the techniques and tools for data mining and data analytical for the business analysis purposes.

BI can be used to a wide range of business decisions ranging from operational to strategic. It is most effective when it combines internal data gathered and compare with the external data to provide a complete, intelligence picture. Key Features:

  • Easy interpretation of large data
  • Identifying new opportunities
  • Implementing an effective strategy with a competitive market advantage
  • At Cell Box, we provide the custom BI software and consultation to create the most suitable reporting system for your business.

    Enterprise Ready Analytics

    Business Suite BI gives you a one stop, one view on business overall performance. The multidimensional features allow you to create insightful and information rich decision support systems for executives and business users across platforms.


    Component Tools

    Our Business Intelligence component tools covers:

    • . Range filter
    • . Pivot
    • . Graphical charts
    • . Table and Datagrids
    • . Gauges
    • . Cards
    • . Dynamic links between data table
    • . Exportable to pdf or jpg



    Business Suite BI is a decision support system and analytics platform that's been engineered to grow with your enterprise and meet all your complex data access requirements. It has a built-in function to connect to Business Suite Batavia database and a straightforward data binding wizard so you can specify the database of your choice, select a series of tables or views, and join them together to instantly visualize content.


    Enterprise Reports

    Our consultations specialize in analytical report creation that follow your business objectives. It is seamless and the information can be presented in web or windows application base.

    Revenue Analytic


    Service Trend




    Sales Performance


    Human Resource




    Our Consultant

    At Cell Box, our expertise ranges across key business issue and virtually applied to every country and every culture worldwide. Our business experience is real. And so are the results that we bring to our clients. We have helped them unlock value in areas such as promoting a better marketing, sales, quality control and prompt content delivery. We have shown them new ways to transform their business to achieve higher profitability.