CheckLine Point of Sale

Software that runs your business

CheckLine Point of Sale is a designed specially for small (single store) and medium sized retailers/ companies to manage counter sales transaction activities, while having full control over the inventory and transactions. Business Suite CheckLine can be configured as a single store or multiple independently operated stores.

Not only the software covers basic over the counter business operation workflow, Checkline provides business tools to assist in promoting higher revenue. The business tools will help you to plan and maximize your sales per customer. Together with the CRM loyalty module, you would have a complete point of sale system. Key Features:

  • Point of sale operations
  • Inventory control and tracking
  • Purchase order and product receiving operation
  • Pricing, sales and promotions
  • CRM and marketing
  • Itemized commission management
  • Wizard for inventory management
  • Multi tender
  • For small and mid-size retailers/ companies, Business Suite is an easy-to-use, affordable way to facilitate your stores or warehouse daily needs. It can help you manage your operations more efficiently, so you can save time and money.

    The Store

    Giving real-time inventory information pictures a good customer service.


    Manager Desk

    Manager Desk gives a full control over the retail operation without interrupting the point of sale counter. Some of the key features are:

    • . Efficiently manage and track inventory within store
    • . Automatically generate purchase orders based on reorder points and restock levels
    • . Import items, customers, and supplier info from Microsoft Office Excel
    • . View sales and inventory information in real-time, modifiable reports with dynamic filter
    • . Print customized labels for shelves, customer mailers, and barcode printing for item price labels
    • . Exchange sales and inventory information
    • . Assign Role-Tailored security and field-level security to employees
    • . Connect with e-Commerce B2C or B2B
    • . Manage pricing and promotions



    CheckLine is the Store's front end software tool. CheckLine has the appointment module, point of sale module and CRM loyalty module interface built into it.

    Key features:

    • . Customized POS screens to meet specific requirements
    • . Use a touch screen to speed transactions
    • . Track customer visits and purchase histories
    • . Speed check-out with build-in credit/debit card processing services
    • . Cheque verification at the POS
    • . Suspend and resume transactions
    • . Improve cashier accountability by tracking tasks performed
    • . Work with existing computers and OPOS (OLE for POS) peripherals
    • . Manage sales
    • . Tender validation auto alert
    • . Manage multiple item dimensions
    • . Itemized commission
    • . Multiples salesperson on item commission



    Making your store online at 24 hours 7 days a week would provide a wider opportunity for prospect customer to view your products and services. Business Suite Online Shop module requires little resources and internet knowledge, which makes it easy for business owner to manage and handle the operation.

    • . Seamless link to the back office (Manager Desk) for items' information upload and order fullfilment
    • . Software design for B2C and B2B e-Commerce
    • . Integration with major payment gateway
    • . Manage your e-Commerce and your retail shop from one place


    Batavia Web

    Batavia is designed to perform as a central content management or commonly known as Headquarter. When you are having multiple stores operation, there are many information that you may need to adjust and updates to all the stores; namely: item list, tender management, store promotion, pricing, discount, costing, stock level, etc. Most of the time, you require a 2 ways data transfer and this can be quite complex depending on how much information you are required the store to have. Batavia gives you a one stop solution to quickly setup and deploy Business Suite for your stores.


    Our Consultant

    At Cell Box, our expertise ranges across key business issue and virtually applied to every country and every culture worldwide. Our business experience is real. And so are the results that we bring to our clients. We have helped them unlock value in areas such as promoting a better marketing, sales, quality control and prompt content delivery. We have shown them new ways to transform their business to achieve higher profitability.


    Dynamic and Flexible

    CheckLine can be functioned as front-end and back-end station of the office and retail environment depending on its intended use. Or in a configuration where you need to connect multiple stores; For example a retail shop with multiple check out lanes to share inventory information and consolidate sales reporting to the headquarter.

    If you are setting an exhibition booth or running a mobile store, Business Suite can be configured using the Checkline module and deployed as a mobile point of sale by simply attaching the barcode scanner and receipt printer to your portable PC.

    Please contact us for a consultation on how Busines Suite can be fitted or tailor made to your current business operation.